Me behind camera…

Wedding day is one of those big and important days in everyone’s life and my goal is to take best moments out of it and capture them on images. I like to work together with people, have fun, talk, laugh, relax them and that is a time when best pictures happen. Weddings are occasions that are bursting with emotions, and that’s one of the reasons why I love them. I like entering that wedding flow, recognizing situations, and getting the best out of people. So that when they see that picture after some time, they can remember that exact feeling they had back then.

Also I always pay attention to details, especially during photo sessions. Looking carefully where to shoot them, how to do it, at what time of the day and many other things. That background adds a lot to the images and it can tell the story for itself, that is why I look carefully for locations. What I don’t like is using too much of a props, it makes images unnatural. And having couple that has their own ideas, what they want, how and where to do it is great, communication and teamwork are keys to success.

I have equipment that allows me to adapt easy on different situations, so I can always get very best out of every moment.

Me without camera…

Since I was a kid I loved sports. I was playing football for a long time, and it can be said that it is my number one sport. But together with my friends throughout childhood we played everything from pickup basketball to volleyball and hockey. And I still do it recreationally. Beside playing I watch sports often.

Traveling is my other passion, whenever I have time I like going somewhere, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, tasting different cuisines. I have visited many different countries, but there are many more of them on my bucket list. And I don’t think I will ever get enough of traveling.

But what I like the most is just being with my friends, having a beer, talk and have fun. Those little moments are what life is all about!